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ORGIE DE BOUFFE - wednesday nights

 Give me something good to eat, Not too big,Not too small, just the size for Montréal. Every Wednesday, Montréal’s Top Chef Canada Contestant Sergio Mattoscio personally invites you to his banquet of sorts! Macaroni Bar will be hosting a friends and family night consisting of a menu-less feast that will blend some of his classic dishes with *new* signature ones just for YOU. For 30$ he will keep the food coming with 5 flavorful courses along with a Cocktail of choice. So roll up your sleeves, get ready to share and gather ’round the table because honey... the food is ready. Music by French Connection Dj’s to take you to the top.  Kitchen will remain open until 1am. See you there! Love ya baby,Mac Bar....New Look, New Vibe, Old Friends.



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